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Sumalee Boxing Gym

Sumalee Boxing Gym located in Phuket offers Muay Thai training. This is the most recently built gym and camp offering Muay Thai training. This traditional training camp is the only one that offers a mini games ... Read More

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Maximum Fitness & Combat Center

The Maximum Fitness & Combat Center is situated at a short distance from the Patong Beach. The concept combines commercial type fitness center, which consists of a large number of treadmills and free weights with MMA ... Read More

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Dragon Muay Thai

The Dragon Muay Thai had been founded almost five years ago and it has expanded a little in the present times. The trainers here impart training not just to the local Thais but also to the ... Read More

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Patong Boxing Stadium

The Patong Boxing Stadium is the most popularly visiting boxing stadiums in Phuket. There are two kinds of Thai boxing, which consist of the real McCoy and the staged stuff. There is a centrally positioned ring ... Read More

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Tiger Muay Thai

The Tiger Muay Thai is a rather serious thing which has nothing to do with few hours of strolling or few hours of lessons. It is dedicated and serious Thai boxing camp. The trainers consist of ... Read More

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Crystal Clear Diving

Crystal Clear Diving offers a dive site run by a family which also offers a diving resort in Phuket. The resort has a quite a number of rooms that vary in sizes and the prices are ... Read More

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