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Ya Nui Beach

The Trickeye Museum in Phuket offers an interactive third dimensional exhibition and offers wonderful photo opportunities. The museum is located at the edge of the Phang Nga and Montri roads in a huge two storeyed building. ... Read More


Kathu Waterfall

The Kathu Waterfall offers a series consisting of drop pools which at most times gush with rainwater. There is something that can be asserted for sure which is reaching the peak of the waterfall would require ... Read More


Paradise Beach

The Paradise Beach in Phuket brings down paradise before your eyes. This stunningly beautiful beach attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors throughout the year. The visitors go for swimming here as it safe all through the ... Read More


Nai Thon Beach

The Nai Thon Beach has not yet been among the choicest of places for the resort developers. But, the area is as serene and as pleasant as it is expected to be. Blessed with the fact ... Read More


Patong Beach

Patong happens to be the most famous among the beach resorts in Phuket. The beach offers a good deal of space for nightlife and a variety of other activities to the locals and visitors alike. The ... Read More


Old Phuket Town

Tourists and travelers visiting Phuket generally walk along the Old Phuket Town. It is a true adventure to walk around the old area of the Phuket City which would take you along the Krabi, Debuk, and ... Read More

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