Fantasea vs Siam Niramit. Which one should I choose?

What’s in it for Fantasea?

Fantasea is a cultural theme park that offers a lot of statues, one mini zoo, a shopping area called Festival village, a buffet restaurant and its most important attraction – the Palace of Elephants.

You can book local transport for pickup from your hotel. Show tickets can be purchased online from Fantasea website or from many Phuket touristic agents. The most expensive adult ticket is THB 2.200 with delicious buffet dinner and the cheapest adult ticket is THB 1.800 for show only.

If you purchase the ticket that comes with the buffet, it is recommended to visit this park around 6pm so that you get more time to explore the place, enjoy an elephant ride, make some original and colorful photos and do some shopping.

There are around 3000 seats and their show lasts for 90 minutes. The mega-show starts each evening at 9pm. Before you take your place you need to deposit your cameras and phones in a locker room and collect them after the show. It can be inconvenient, but it is done for animals’ peace and health.

As soon as you find your seat, the light will be switched off and the magic will begin. The colorful costumes and the props will hypnotize you! You will be delighted to see the mixture of cultural heritage and some illusions, clowns, acrobats and dancers, well trained animals and 16 elephants on stage at one point. You will be involuntary dipped into the atmosphere of history and fantasy.

This well presented show worth its every penny! It is the best way to have a family evening, because kids won’t bat their eyelashes throughout the show and the adults will be enthralled. Take your chance to make some after show photos with some cute baby animals!

What’s in it for Siam Niramit?

Siam Niramit is a wonderful theme park situated north of Phuket Town. If you want to discover Thai culture and traditions then this is the right place!

Siam Niramit runs 6 days a week and closes on Tuesdays. You can book your tickets online or buy them at any travel agencies. There are around 1760 seats. The most expensive adult ticket is the platinum one and cost THB 2250 it includes the buffet dinner. The cheapest adult ticket without dinner is the silver one and costs THB 1500. Show starts at 8.30pm and runs about 80 minutes, without intermission.

The gates are opened at 5.30pm and the infrastructure is outstanding. If your ticket include the fresh extravagant Thai and international buffet, be sure to be there around 6pm so you have time to have a peaceful walk through the beautiful typical Thai village with floating market. There you can feed the fish and have a boat ride. Don’t forget to visit every Thai house and learn their traditions too!

There are also many pre-show attractions, such as traditional music and dancing performances, kick boxing show, grand parade with lovely elephants and elephant rides.

Like Fantasea, before entering the main show you have to leave your cameras and phones in a locker room and collect them after the show.

As soon as the show starts, you will be amazed by an amalgam of 100 performances that won’t bore you at all! The mixture of beautiful costumes, stunning scenery and the information you get is a very original way to represent Thailand. You will learn about the Thailand history and the influences they have from China, India and other civilizations, the differences between their regions, their culture and commerce, believes, etc. This beautiful and entertaining show is a must-see attraction!

Fantasea vs Siam Niramit. A Detailed Comparison.

Both theaters have advantages and disadvantages. Fantasea is situated in Kamala, while Siam Niramit is located near Phuket Town. Outside both places there are taxi stations, so reaching your hotel won’t be an issue.

Fantasea is opened since 1998 and its environment feels much older than Siam Niramit that looks and feels much fresher, since it operates since 2011.

Both places win when it comes to food; as it is fresh, yummy and delicious. Both parks offer Thai and international buffet. Both places’ gift shops offer expensive souvenirs. Even the airport’s souvenirs are cheaper.

Fantasea’s few pre-show attractions are usual – park, shopping area and mini zoo, meanwhile Siam Niramit offers more attractions: floating market, boat rides, Thai houses and boxing arena.

Ticket prices are practically the same; the cheaper non-dinner option ticket is offered by Siam Niramit. Fantasea has 3000 seats, while Siam Niramit only 1760. This means if you visit Fantasea you have to queue much longer in order to get to your seat.

Fantasea’s show performance is interesting. If you visit it with kids they won’t be bored, as lights, animals, costumes and illusions will keep them entertained. Siam Niramit’s show performances are more theatrical, mature and informative. They have a special talent to show Thailand’s history and culture.

If you want a richer photo album and a more memorable show I recommend you to choose Siam Niramit!

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Fantasea and Siam Niramit Location
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