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89/16 Moo 6, Soi Katu Waterfall, Wichitsongkram Rd, Kathu, Phuket 83120, Thailand
Tel: +66(0)76-323-264

Flying Hanuman is one of its kind and arguably the best adventure ride in Phuket. As a very exciting way to exploring the natural vegetation along the hillsides, it shows to tourists a new attraction of the island other than the beaches, the sea and the sun that it is most popular for.

The ride is well-organised for which you are safely strapped to a rope-wheel to glide from between the specific points. There are wooden bridges, spiral staircases and ample natural marvels to experience.


The mouth of a giant monster is the entrance to Flying Hanuman course. Obviously, it is artificial but not ecologically hazardous. It is made of clay, stones, hay, straws and similar eco-friendly and biodegradable material.


Flying Hanuman is an open ride through designated zip-lines in the rainforest. There is a serenely beautiful restaurant with thatched roofs supported by tree-branches. Here, you’ll feel like an infant feeding right in the lap of Mother Nature.


Flying Hanuman is a fully planned and maintained ride. Harnesses, straps, helmets, pulleys, etc. are properly put on by attendants and everything is checked before the journey begins. Before trekking uphill, the attendant will refer to the signboard and explain the safety measures.

Getting into the Action
Uphill Trekking

The entire course of Flying Hanuman is a planned combination of treetop-platforms, zip-lines, hanging bridges, wooden staircases and ground trails. You need to do some uphill trekking so you can ‘fly’ from the higher ground. A railing has been erected to offer support as trails have not been concretised or smoothened.

Bridge Crossing

Platform no. 6 and no. 7 are connected via cable-suspended wooden bridge. It is wide enough for an adult and is made up of a number of small wooden platforms with gaps between them. Platforms are solid and tied to the main cables in a series to form the bridge.

Adventurous Ziplining

Zip-linings are, by far, the most adventurous feature of Flying Hanuman course. Visitors are safely and securely strapped and harnessed to industrial cables stretched between treetop-platforms. They are provided with a pulley to control their gliding movement tens of feet above the forest ground as they pass through the vegetation.

Vertical Dropping

Many trees have 2 platforms erected at safe vertical distance between them. They are strategically created and are equipped with cables and harnesses to allow you to drop vertically from one higher platform to the corresponding lower one.

Spiral Staircase

Some trees that have 2 platforms have spiral wooden staircases connecting the higher and the lower ones. The stairs are narrow and barely wide enough to allow you to place your steps firmly on.

Hanuman Shop

The official perimeter of Flying Hanuman also encompasses a small shop named Hanuman Shop, which sells souvenirs and memorabilia to visitors. Colourful stuffed toys, cowboy hats and other wearable as well as decorative souvenirs can be found in Hanuman Shop.

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38.57 km » Hong Islands

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