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Kan Eang @Pier Restaurant Arthur



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44/1 Moo 5 Viset Road, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand
Tel: +66-83-173-1187
Opening Hours: 10:30 am – 11:00 pm

Kan Eang @Pier Restaurant is located at the sea front on Viset Road in Chalong. There is another Kan Eang at seafront in the area. It is a comfortable, designer and classy dining spot in Phuket. The environment and atmosphere justify the name of the restaurant, which roughly means ‘easy going’.

Though it is a big restaurant and caters to many guests on a typical day, its management and workers are attentive enough to be at your service. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and reservation is recommended to ensure availability of seats in case of planning group-visits.


Kang Eang offers unbeatable view of the vast open sea and pleasant atmosphere created by the sea breeze. Its owner has preserved the huge tamarind and ‘hoo gwang’ trees, which add character to the place.


The restaurant has seating arrangement for up to 500 guests. The interior has a few lovely recesses or crannies where private functions can be held. The area has been smartly set up to avoid congestion in houseful state.

Live Music

In addition to roomy environment, relaxing atmosphere, memorable view and delicious food, live music is a another reason to visit Kan Eang @Pier. The band plays music that is in total sync with the mood at the restaurant.

Delicate Thai Cuisine

The freshly-cut squid is boiled in the clear spicy soup. Immediately when it is served, the squid is 80% cooked so the texture is softer. The hot soup continues to heat the seafood and within 15 mins, you can eat it fully cooked. Seafood is hard to prepare as it is easily overcooked. The chefs do have good grasp on the timing.

Spicy Squid

Some restaurants serve fishes that are less fresh if the customers order the fried type. This is not the case in Kan Eang restaurant. This fried fish has crispy skin on the outside and soft flesh inside. Soaked in the specially-made sweet sour sauce, you get to taste the freshness of the fish.

Fried Fish with Sweet Sour Sauce

This is one of the recommended dishes for those who like fried cooking style. Coated with breadings, the shrimp mash is deep fried to golden perfection.

Fried Shrimp Mash

You don’t need a lot of seasonings to cook vegetable. All you need is fresh vege, a little bit of oyster sauce and soy sauce. Then it is the stir fry skill of the chef to make it perfect.

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable

Total price for the above dishes: 1300 baht

Famous Phuket Location

48.07 km » Hong Islands

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