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Khai Nok Island, Phuket

The Khai Nok Island is a very small island that is tucked away in between Koh Yao Yai and Phuket Island. The island is located at a distance of 30 minutes from the eastern coast of Phuket. This triangular island is just about the size of a standard football field and comprises a snowy white beach and a rocky headland.

One of the special characteristics of the island is that there are nearly 12 kinds of exotic tropical fish that are not afraid of humans! You can explore beautiful corals and sea life at the island.

Fringing reef with a total area of 0.29km2 has developed around this island. The reef here is one of the most healthy one.

Haven for Clam

The Khai Nok Island can be said to be a shelter to clams that you find here in huge numbers. The bivalve mollusks are generally referred to as clams which are buried in silt or sand. Most of these clams are edible in nature.

Rocky Island

This massive number of rocks provide a wonderful view of the sea from the top. The visitors coming over to the Khai Nok Island often times participate in trekking activities. The rock structure has been built by the periodic and constant deposition of calcium carbonate that has stiffened to turn into stone.

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36.97 km » Hong Islands

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