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Phuket Town, Phuket

Khao Rang Hill is one of the points to catch a beautiful glimpse of Phuket. It is situated in the north western section from the centre of the city. From here, you can have a view of the Phuket Town along with some of the neighbouring islands. An impressive view from here is the Big Buddha which forms the ‘Spine’ of the island.

Garden in the Hill

Besides being a hill and a popular point at 500 metres, there is a garden which is also referred to as the exercise park. Usually local students gather here after their classes. Climbing up to the hill and trekking your way could be an alternative but require some physical efforts.

Panoramic View of Phuket Town

It is an ideal spot to have an overview of how the entire Phuket Town looks like. Moreover, it’s a great place to have some clicks and enjoy the local cuisine at the restaurant here. You can view the far flung islands as well as mountains bordering the town. Besides being a popular attraction, it also acts as a picnic spot for the locals who usually come here in large numbers. One of the most enchanting views is the one in the evening when the entire town of Phuket stays illuminated.

Tamed Monkeys

The monkeys are quite friendly with the visitors. You can play around and offer them food, but you should make sure that you do not provoke any of these creatures.

Best Time to Visit

Because of the fact that there is a good restaurant called Tunk-Ka Hilltop Cafe which offers spectacular night view of the Phuket Town, it is recommended that you visit Khao Rang Hill in the evening and take the panoramic view of the town that is beautifully illuminated by the sunset ray.

After that, you take a short walk and dine in at the Tunk-Ka restaurant to enjoy good food amid the spectacular night view of Phuket Town.

Famous Phuket Location

39.03 km » Hong Islands

Recommended Attraction

17.17 km » Phrompthep Cape
Distance from Khao Rang Hill View Point


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