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58 Moo 1, Sa Khu, Phuket 83110

Naiyang Park Restaurant is situated in Srinath National Park. The park is on a beach and offers the great view of the sea shore from the peaceful and greenery environment.

Its seclusion from the hustling and bustling of the city provides the perfect location for dining at a tranquil atmosphere.

The staff can speak English, which makes things convenient for tourists. It is a neat restaurant with quick service and delicious food at affordable price.

Open Concept Amid Nature

The restaurant is amid Nai Yang Park and surrounded by shady trees. It is breezy and offers option of dining under the trees. The openness of the seafront and tranquility of the park will surely gives you a unique dining experience.

Above Average Thai Food

Wrapped in fresh vegetable, the spring roll was served steaming hot. As it is deep fried in hot temperature oil for a short time, the outer layer was crispy but the inner layer maintained the softness. It is best to dip in the sweet sour sauce that comes with it.

Fried Spring Roll….80 baht

This flavorful chicken fried rice was good for those who like stronger taste. The rice texture is just nice. The chicken, however, was a bit overcooked. Overall, this is a good dish that caters for the tourists’ taste.

Chicken Fried Rice….80 baht
Best Time to Visit during Sunset

The restaurant remains open a few hours into the night to serve dinner. It offers memorable view of the pale yellow sun setting in the horizon lined by the seawater.

Famous Phuket Location

26.45 km » Hong Islands

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