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62/5 Soi Phuthon, Phuket, Thailand

Natural Restaurant, locally called Tamachart Restaurant is located at Soi Phuthon which branches off Rangon Road, where fresh day market is located. The restaurant is on the left at 300 metres to the right from Jui Tui Chinese Temple.

It is popular locally and most taxi and tuk-tuk drivers know the restaurant by name. Natural Restaurant records significant diversity in guests, who range from locals to tourists from various parts of the world.

Tamachart is the Thai word for natural and the restaurant has gone to commendable extent to justify its name. Its exterior and interior are remarkably laden with greenery.

Lush Greenery Exterior

Natural Restaurant has characterised its exterior with natural greenery so much that visitors may feel being in a garden or treetop restaurant while inside it. Trees and bushes and potted plants cover much of the facade.

Nature’s Blend Interior
Dine in Flowery Surrounding

The interior of Natural Restaurant has been adorned with potted plants placed on the balcony as well as hanging from the roof in the dining area. Its oddly natural theme makes it a sought-after eatery in Phuket.

Garden Decor

This restaurant is one of its kind in the entire Phuket. The island does have restaurants surrounded by greenery but hardly anyone of those has garden-theme and certainly none have dared experiment like Tamachart Restaurant.

Yummy Thai Food

The secret of a good spring roll is to have thin and soft wrapper, fresh fillings and sweet sauce that is appertizing. This dish has them all.

Fresh Spring Roll….70 baht

Pineapple fried rice is one of Thailand’s signature dishes. Though a bit oily, the rice and other ingredients have absorbed the aroma of the pineapple, with the fruit emitting the natural sweetness.

Pineapple Fried Rice….110 baht

Water mimosa is common in Thai cuisine but so unique to many other countries. This dish is easy to cook and it matches the taste of those offered by most other good restaurants.

Stir Fried Water Mimosa….80 baht

Famous Phuket Location

40.15 km » Hong Islands

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