Nature Trekking at Naka Yai Island

Naka Yai Island is one of the islands around Phuket off Thailand. I knew it was a small island with only one village, which is to the west side of the island. My information was correct but the island was more than just a secluded reserve of Nature. It is increasingly becoming popular among tourists.

The island offers a lot to experience. From abundance of nature to luxury offered at the manmade resorts, everything got engraved into my memory.

All resorts appreciate nature and try to maintain its richness on Naka Yai Island; at least until now.


Trekking journey started from the Tenta Nakara Resort

4:15pm – 4:30pm

Entry point to the village and trek across rubber plantation

4:35pm – 5:15pm

Get a feel of the islanders’ livelihood in the Muslim village

5:20pm – 5:45pm

Enjoy evening sun at the fishing pier

5:50pm – 6:10pm

Scroll along the beach while enjoying the sunset

6:10pm – 6:20pm

Stop by Naka Camp

6:20pm – 6:35pm

Detour the jungle trail and exit at the other side of the beach

6:35pm – 7:00pm

Track across the rocky beach

I was amazed by the kind of privacy offered at Tenta Nakara Resort. The environment is so laid-back that you can spend a whole day relaxing at the small resort.

Nature is what me and my honey admire the most and I heard this island has much more to offer so we opted not to stay at the resort but explore the whole island by walking.

The entrance into the village is about 250 meters from Tenta Nakara Resort. It is not not clearly visible so ask any villagers if you see them and they’ll be more than happy to show you the way.

Tips: Don’t forget to look back before you enter into the village. The view will give you a calming effect.

Despite being low in population, the residents of Naka Yai Island involve in labor-intensive commercial agriculture. Rubber plantation is the dominant commercially grown plants and it was not strange to me as Phuket’s climate is suitable for growing rubber plants.

Though plantation occupied respectable fraction of land, we observed extensive natural vegetation too. For me, observing the rubber plantation was a knowledgeable experience as I had not seen it before.

Village Beach Entrance

Rubber Plantation

Our trip to the Muslim village gave us the opportunity to learn a bit about the house architecture and lifestyle of Muslims on the island.

Muslims are known to adhere to their tradition more strongly than other communities and it was a good experience to know them. In fact, the entire Naka Yai is considered a Muslim island and so halal food is served everywhere.

Muslim Village

After about 70 minutes of slow walking inside the village, we were welcomed by a fishing pier at the village exit.

The pier was built not only to park the fishing boat, it serves as a facility to come ashore on the island when the tide is really low.

The evening sun was blocked by the small hill at the west and the back lighting shone on the objects, bringing about beautiful shadows that created a romantic view that me and my girlfriend would never forget.

Fishing Pier

We continued the journey scrolling along the beach. We liked the sandy beach mainly because they looked untouched and the view of Phuket island from the western shore was breath-taking.

The meaning of an untouched beach is best illustrated when we saw batches of sand bubbles generated by crabs scattered everywhere. Though the bubbles were randomly created, many shapes looked familiar. This is something that you would never find in a crowded beach.

Sand Bubble at the Beach

After 10 mins of scrolling, we arrived at Naka Camp. What a place! It is really a hideout into the nature. The white tents that were built amid the trees by the beach give the all-natural environment to stay like Tenta Nakara Resort.

The facilities are lesser here, so is the cost. Another drawback of staying here is that you get less privacy because the distance between tents are quite close to one another. Tenta Nakara is the much preferred choice to experience nature to the fullest.

Naka Camp

The beaches at the southern part of Naka Yai Island is full of rocks and hard to go across. So we chose the jungle trail which is easier to walk and much faster to get to the other side of the island.

There was nothing exciting to see through the jungle track. Those who want to see large animals will be disappointed but not for the admirers of biodiversity.

As the sky was getting darker, we stepped up our walking speed so we did not have much chance to explore the jungle.

Jungle Track

It took us 15 mins to cross the jungle. The exit landed us at the beach. An experience not to be missed awaits us at the rocky beach. It is not like the rocky coast where huge ocean waves perennially smash at the walls of cliffs. It is a normal flat beach but laden with huge boulders and massive rocks. I found it rather romantic as you can sit on one of the boulders with your spouse while the waves wash your feet or splash water on you.

Rocky Beach

Phuket is a popular island and I think Naka Yai has also gained good fame but if anyone does not know about it or has not been told about it, I must say that it deserves all praise. I will recommend Naka Yai Island to everyone who goes to Phuket for long enough to enjoy adjoining beauty. My trip was worth every penny I spent.

Nature Trekking at Naka Yai Island
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