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Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Panyi Island is one of the famous fishing villages situated in the Phang Nga Province of Thailand. There are huge numbers of fishermen population that say near the stilts built in the region. There are more than 360 families that consist of a population of 2000+ people.

Panyi Island was built by the Malay fisherman and it is called Pulau Panji in the Malay language. Panyi is famous as a touristic village near Phuket and has got a growing tourism industry. Previously, the land was limited to the ownership of people of Thai origin but with increase in tourism this restriction was removed. Some of the first structures built here were freshwater well and a mosque.

Houses Built Against the Rock

Muslim Community

Wit only 2% of other religions present here, Panyi Island has a huge presence of Muslim community. The social structure is well balanced and people live in an environmentally friendly manner.

Restaurant and Mechandise Stalls

There are various restaurants in this island that provide lunch stopover to the tourists. After the lunch, it is recommended that you move deep into the village where you’ll see the wooden houses and souvenir stalls that can be found in almost every corner.

Famous Phuket Location

44.36 km » Hong Islands

Recommended Attraction

Distance from Tiger Muay Thai


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