Phang Nga Bay Sightseeing and Kayaking Day Tour


Board the speedboat at Royal Phuket Marina

10:50pm – 12:15pm

Swimming and fish feeding at Khai Nai Island

12:45pm – 1:45pm

Enjoy the breathtaking view by kayaking around Hong Islands

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Lunch and shopping at Panyi Island

3:00pm – 3:45pm

Get mesmerized by the incredible rock structure at James Bond Island


Back to Royal Phuket Marina

During my last expedition in Southern Thailand – Phuket Province – I had the opportunity to visit Phang Nga Bay for a whole day. That 400 km² bay was absolutely beautiful and beyond any possible description. Every corner of it must be seen in order to be believed. The mixture of the rugged terrain and the clean waters made my day!

After signing up for a tour with Phang Nga Exploration for 2500 baht, all I need to do was to wait for pickup at my hotel’s lobby at 8am. It took about 40 minutes ride to get to the jetty at Royal Phuket Marina.I am an avid traveler and during my entire travel experience I had the opportunity to stay in a few different luxury hotels and this Royal Marina lives up to the luxurious standard. It has everything: expensive yachts, restaurants, exclusive residences, spa and boutique shopping.

This is also one of the popular jetties where tourists gather together to visit any desired islands. My clothing was appropriate and I was totally prepared to start a hot and humid day.

Our tour guide was humorous. He even named himself Bond and joked about James Bond Island being his island 🙂

Royal Phuket Marina

At 10.50am, we reached the Khai Nai Island. This is a small island and I managed to walk around it in just 10 minute. During that walk, I noticed that the sand was white, the water was clean and fishes are abundant. I bought the bread and really enjoyed feeding these small and hungry coral fishes. I was happy to snorkel and swim for about 30 mins in that crystal clear and warm water!At 12pm our guide told us that we have 15 minutes more before we’ll move to the next destination, so I spoiled myself with a big photo shooting around Khai Nai Island.

Khai Nai Island

For one hour, I had the chance to sightsee around Hong Islands in a canoe. In Thai “hong” means room and this is the most adequate name for these islands, as the centre of the island is hollow so there are room-like chambers. The only way to access the hongs is by using canoes or kayaks.

And yes – kayaking around Hong Islands with someone doing the paddling was my favorite activity of that day! It was such a peaceful moment to explore hongs in a sit-back-and-relaxed mode. Beside a few more kayaking fellows, there was only the untouched world and me. It was like a movie scene!

Hong Islands

Our next destination was Panyi Island. You know that houses that are built on water?! Panyi Island is a floating Muslim village that we were brought here to get our lunch and do some shopping. There is a floating football field which is a playground as well as a training ground for the kids and youngsters.

At 2pm, we had our buffet lunch with 5 dishes and rice in one of the restaurants. The food was just mediocre but since all of us are so hungry, we didn’t complain much. After filling my stomach, I decided to go deep inside the community and shop around. I spoke with the locals and bought a few souvenirs for my friends. It was amazing to see how happy and simple they are despite the fact that they live in a environment with limited resources!

Panyi Island

When our speedboat approached a uniquely shaped island, I knew the second highlight of the tour is near. Kao Ping Kan is a bigger island but it is the smaller James Bond Island that steals the limelight.

I must say that the entire bay consists of incredible rock structure created entirely by nature, but James Bond Island stands out from the rest. The popularity of this island increases further since it appeared in the James Bond movie in 1974. The water here is not as clean as the other islands but the natural composition and the wonderful scenery had swallowed me! There is a small souvenir area and many picturesque places that fulfilled my camera memory. Seeing it in real life was a huge experience!

At 4.20pm, I was back to Royal Phuket Marina. I had a great day: the sun was merciful and not too hot, the wind was healthy and cool, the team was cheerful, waters were clean and transparent and the landscape was stunning! I swam, kayaked, fed the fish and brought a few cheap, but very needful souvenirs!

Guys, if you want to travel in Asia, just go ahead and pick Phuket for your next destination. The friendly people and amazing atmosphere will remain forever in your hearts!

Phang Nga Bay Day Tour
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