Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling and Sightseeing Day Tour

Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh comprise the Phi Phi islands, which are on the Strait of Malacca to the southeast of Phuket. Phi Phi Don has hotels and ferry ports which is bigger than Phi Phi Leh, and uninhabited island that offers experience of serene nature. There is a domestic airport in the big Phi Phi island but the most convenient way to access the islands is via boats.

We opted for the speedboat, which cost about 2300 baht per person because it took half the time to travel by ferry. The ferry price can be as cheap as 1300 baht per person but it takes about 90 mins to reach Phi Phi islands from the pier at the east coast of Phuket.


Board the speedboat at the beach

11:50pm – 12:30pm

Admire the grandness of Maya Bay @ Phi Phi Lay

12:45pm – 1:20pm

Swim inside Pileh Cove @ Phi Phi Lay while enjoying the magnificent view

1:30pm – 1:40pm

Fish feeding near Viking Cave @ Phi Phi Lay

1:55pm – 2:35pm

Have buffet lunch @ Phi Phi Don

2:45pm – 3:25pm

Snorkel at Loh Dalum Bay @ Phi Phi Don

4:00pm – 4:40pm

Sight seeing and snorkeling at Khai Nok Island


Back to the beach pier

Our journey to Phi Phi islands started at the beach designated for boat parking. There are quite a number of well-maintained piers that allow boarding without getting our feet wet but costs a little bit higher. This is not an issue for us since we were going to get into the water anyway.

The speedboat can run as fast as 70 km/hr in calm water. It is particularly exhilarating when the wave is big that push the boat up and land on the water. To get more rush, some of us sat at the front of the boat to feel the strong wind and get some sun tanning. After 45 mins, we reached our first destination, Maya Bay at the small Phi Phi Island.

Board at the Beach

When you reach Maya Bay you feel like Nature has embraced you literally and practically. Looking up, the huge high cliffs that surround the bay on 3 sides made us feel totally secluded from the world. Looking down, the beaches have soft white sand and crystal clear water. I really felt like not going back and staying there for days to experience and enjoy every characteristic feature of the bay. With just 40 mins, we have to grab every moment to to appreciate the place.

Maya Bay @ Phi Phi Lay

We had to go around half the Phi Phi Ley to reach Pileh Cove. Again, the high rocky cliffs surrounding the emerald green water seem to have been erected to protect you and allow you to enjoy the water and everything away from the eyes of the world. The calmness of the water adds to the peaceful experience.

At this moment, it didn’t matter whether life jacket is provided to me (as I know how to swim). I just couldn’t wait to jump right into the water and swim in the secluded sea water.

Pileh Cove @ Phi Phi Lay

We saw Viking Cave on our way to Phi Phi Don as most drivers slow down their boat to allow tourists admire various natural formations. We came to know that it is nesting and thriving place for swiftlets. It was not clearly visible as the view was obstructed by some kind of bamboo and wooden scaffold that locals use to get the birds’ nests, which is used in Chinese delicacies. This delicacy is also proved to improve voice, increase libido, etc.

There are a lot of sea fishes here and we enjoyed watching them scrambling for food which we threw in the water.

Viking Cave @ Phi Phi Lay

Phi Phi Don is the inhabited island and there are hotels, restaurants and amenities which are basic but not maintained up to international tourism standard.

There are a few restaurants serving buffet lunch. Our lunch is Chinese style which is comprised of various dishes. We had a filling lunch but you should not expect good quality food. But since we were all very hungry, the food tasted quite ok.

Buffet Lunch Restaurant at Phi Phi Don

Snorkeling is the right activity at Loh Dalum Bay because of its water condition that is a habitat for coral reefs. We followed our adventurous mood and explored water farther from the area that was thronged by most visitors. I suggest being free and not limit the viewing of corals, fishes and other sea creatures to one place, else you cannot enjoy all that the place has to offer.

Though you don’t see a lot of fish species and some corals are dying due to overcrowding of tourists, it was still a beautiful and enriching experience for us.

After snorkeling for about 40 mins, we left the Phi Phi islands and headed to the Khai Nok Island.

Loh Dalum Bay @ Phi Phi Don

Khai Nok Island is one of the famous 3 Khai Islands. Sightseeing and snorkeling are two main activities here. The shore has quite a number of stones that serves as breeding grounds for clam, so it is a unique place to take some photos with those rocks.

There is a section of the island where lovely corals with colourful fishes and marine creatures can be observed while snorkeling. The water is shallow so be beware of sea urchins.

Khai Nok Island

Conclusively, I can say that Phuket and all the tourism islands around it are great places to explore. In fact, now that I have explored parts of Phuket and other islands, I will surely pay a visit to Phuket again to explore what I could not this time.

To get the best of the islands’ excursion, it is recommended to opt for private tours due to its flexibility. You get more personal attention and be able to decide which places that you want to more time on.

Half Day Phi Phi Islands Tour
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