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Kan Eang @Pier Restaurant

Kan Eang @Pier Restaurant is located at the sea front on Viset Road in Chalong. There is another Kan Eang at seafront in the area. It is a comfortable, designer and classy dining spot in Phuket. ... Read More

Best of 2015

Naiyang Park Restaurant

Naiyang Park Restaurant is situated in Srinath National Park. The park is on a beach and offers the great view of the sea shore from the peaceful and greenery environment. Its seclusion from the hustling and ... Read More


China Inn Cafe

China Inn Cafe is at Thalang Road and is accessible through decorative-laden shop. It is a backyard restaurant that exemplifies how unswerving vision, patience and dedication can transform a rundown old building. Situated at the heart ... Read More

Best of 2015

Raya Thai Cuisine

Raya Thai Cuisine is located at Dibuk Road and exhibits Sino-Portuguese architecture from its entirety. It is one of the many beautifully restored shophouses and eateries. It can be called one of the few genuine Thai ... Read More

Best of 2015

Natural Restaurant

Natural Restaurant, locally called Tamachart Restaurant is located at Soi Phuthon which branches off Rangon Road, where fresh day market is located. The restaurant is on the left at 300 metres to the right from Jui ... Read More


Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant

Khao Rang Breeze located at the summit of Rang Hill at Tambon Ratsada. It can be called a treetop restaurant as it extensively utilises the strong branches of huge hilly trees to support its structure. Breeze, ... Read More


Zhong Hwa Dumpling Restaurant

Situated in the Wirat Hong Yok area where majority of the residents are Yun Nan’s (a province in the southwest of China) descendants, this restaurant is famous among the local community. It is one of the ... Read More

Cooking Class

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant chain of restaurants has one of its branches in Phuket too. It is located at Krabi Road in Tambon Talad Neua. Royal Thai cuisine is the speciality of the restaurant and it maintains the ... Read More


Yi Yi South Clouds Restaurant

To get a taste of traditional Yun Nan noodles and other cuisine in Phuket, Yi Yi South Clouds Restaurant is one that you should not miss. This restaurant is famous among the local Chinese community and ... Read More

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