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Best of 2015

Breeze at Cape Yamu

Breeze at Cape Yamu retains the vibe and outlook of a neighborhood restaurant but with the scope to deliver exceptional dishes that leave a lasting memory. The French-Canadian trained team has a down-to-earth attitude and a ... Read More


Kopitiam by Wilai

Kopitiam by Wilai is a cafe-cum-restaurant that seems to be a concise conjecture of its home location – the Old Phuket Town. It is quite a popular cafe at Thalang Road and has old town styled ... Read More

Best of 2015

Suay Restaurant

This is one quality restaurant in Phuket and remains one of the topmost choices for those visiting Phuket. The entire setup is simple, unpretentious and yet effective. The restaurant takes its name from the Thai word ... Read More


Laem Hin Seafood

Laem Hin Seafood is a restaurant with reputation of serving delicious authentic Thai dishes. It is one of the favourite eating venues for many tourists on the nearby Coconut Island. The half an hour boat ride ... Read More

Best of 2015

Nai Yang Seafood

Nai Yang Seafood restaurant is located right on the beach, which makes the dining experience romantic for couples and pleasant for others. The beach on which tables are laid is clean and eating barefoot on the ... Read More


Song Pee Nong

Song Pee Nong restaurant is located at Soi Kep Sab in Patong, Kathu. It is a breakfast and brunch restaurant and serves Thai food, European food and seafood. It is one of the favourite especially of ... Read More


Siam Supper Club

Siam Supper Club is located at Lagoon Road in Choeng Thale. It is a romantic dining venue with all-round first class provision. It is especially purposeful for entertaining business clients and special occasion dining requirement. From ... Read More


Zest Restaurant

Zest Restaurant is located at Soi Kokyang in Rawai. It is a healthy organic cafe that serves breakfast and brunch. It is different from most of the rest of the dining venues in terms of philosophy. ... Read More


The Corner Restaurant

The Corner Restaurant is located at Bandon Cherngtalay Road in Choeng Thate. The restaurant serves Thai, Italian, German and international cuisines. Its menu has provisions for breakfast or brunch, lunch and dinner. The quality of food ... Read More



DeDos restaurant is located at Lagoon Road in Choeng Thale. The restaurant serves meals that clearly have the distinction found in Pablo’s cooking. The cuisines are pleasant combination of his skill and Asian influence, which offers ... Read More

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