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Top Restaurants in Phuket for 2015
Apart from the popular attractions and sites of interest, the island also offers quality restaurants such as Raya Thai Cuisine, Nai Yang Seafood, Breeze at Cape Yamu, etc. Other than offering rich and authentic Thai delicacies, you will also get several restaurants offering other Western and international dishes.
The natural beauty of Phuket has inspired a lot of restaurant owners in creating some of the most unique dining places. In almost every beautiful beaches, garden and hilly places, you can find restaurants that blend in so well with the surroundings.
The list includes the popular restaurants such as the Naiyang Park Restaurant which is located in the Srinath National Park and creates an artificial rustic setting. Situated on a beach it offers both good views and good food. The Natural Restaurant is also known as the Tamachart Restaurant. The guests here are diverse consisting of locals as well as tourists. It offers quality Thai cuisine in a green environment. Suay Restaurant is known for the green and white theme and is set in a Thai styled house. You will get authentic Thai food here. You won’t be turned down either if you are hungry for some Western delights. The fusion foods are delicious too.

Here, we are listing the best restaurants which not only offer the most spectacular ambience, but the food and services are of high standard.

Raya Thai Cuisine

Raya Thai Cuisine is located at Dibuk Road and exhibits Sino-Portuguese architecture from its entirety. It is one of the

Natural Restaurant

Natural Restaurant, locally called Tamachart Restaurant is located at Soi Phuthon which branches off Rangon Road, where fresh day market

Suay Restaurant

This is one quality restaurant in Phuket and remains one of the topmost choices for those visiting Phuket. The entire

Nai Yang Seafood

Nai Yang Seafood restaurant is located right on the beach, which makes the dining experience romantic for couples and pleasant

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