Simon vs Aphrodite Cabaret Show. Which one should I choose?

What’s in it for Simon Cabaret Show?

Simon Cabaret Show is a family business. It is opened since 1991 and from then till now it brings only sheer and much happiness to their guests. The new launch of Simon Star Show at the Phuket Town makes the group the leader in cabaret show in Phuket. Visiting it is an amazing way to spend a relaxing evening.

This show is put on by the famous Thailand Lady Boys. Most of lady boys are really like women. Once, each member of the dancing team was a man, and after years of training, medical procedures, cosmetic and surgical enhancements they were gradually transformed into women. They wear dresses, their make-up is spectacular and their dances are sensual and emotional like felines. You will smile and laugh in the entire show, as the ladies put on a great performance with remarkable choreography and extravagant costumes.

The show is very entertaining and delicate, even children under 130 cm height are allowed to enter it. Simon Cabaret operates three times each day – at 6pm, 7.45pm and 9.30pm. Simon Star Show, on the other hand, performs at 6pm and 8:30pm on a daily basis. For a 60 min show, the prices are more than acceptable. VIP adult seat costs 800 Baht and regular seat – 700 Baht. Tickets for children are VIP – 600 Baht and regular 500 Baht. It is recommended to buy the tickets directly at the show venue, because they are cheaper than what the agents offer.

They are professional dancers and a few soloists are able to mimic the performance style of big celebrities like Tina Turner and Diana Ross. They have more than 100 backstage staff. When you will visit Phuket don’t forget to make yourself a gift by visiting Simon Cabaret Show!

What’s in it for Aphrodite Cabaret Show?

Aphrodite Cabaret Show has similar performances as Simon Cabaret Show. They offer many spectacular performances that consist of famous worldwide songs, shine and glamorous costumes, professional make-up and a lot of color and magic. This show is presented by around 80 lady boys and a few women. The most interesting moment is when the audience tries to guess which one of them are women – so funny and entertaining!

Another amazing part is that they brought Madona and the famous Gangnam style dance! Both performances require dedication, professionalism and hours of training! For sure you will like the belly dance performance – physically Lady Boys shake their bellies so elegant and delicate, better than many women will do.

During the show you can order any drink you’ll want from their boutique beer bar. The home made beers are very tasty and you even get a complimentary one when you arrive. Once you are led to your seat the show will start. And be sure it is out of this world! Maybe not all the lady boys are so professional and talented, but all of them dance with passion, heart and endeavor. The parking space is huge. They also offer a fast ride from your hotel to their address. The most expensive adult ticket price is 800 Baht and the cheaper one is 700 Baht. Children ticket prices are a little bit cheaper then the adult ones. Show usually lasts 50 min and it is worth a try!

Simon vs Aphrodite Cabaret Show

Both Simon Cabaret Show and Aphrodite Cabaret Show can easily break any world’s stereotypes about “transvestites”. They are great persons, with nice sense of humor, that dance, sing, smile and breathe like any other human beings! They sing and dance the famous songs and dancing around the world, mostly from Europe, America, India, China and Korea.

Both shows are fresh and vibrant. It is forbidden to take pictures during both shows, but it is recommended to take pictures in front of the venue after the show with any actresses you desire for 100 Baht.

Aphrodite has a more modern venue and a great quality boutique bar, meanwhile Simon’s ladyboys dance better and more professional! There are a few common songs, but performances differ a lot! If you have to choose only one show I recommend you to visit Simon Cabaret show, because there you can relax in your own fantasy world and really forget about all your troubles!

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Simon and Aphrodite Cabaret Show Location
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