3-hour Excursion at Sirinath National Park

Sirinath National Park is one of the well preserved natural areas in North Western coast of Phuket. During our trip, we came to know quite a bit about the history and features of the land. The area, which includes up to 5 kilometres to the sea, was designated as a National Park by the Royal Forest Department in 1981. It was originally named Had Nai Yang but was renamed to Sirinath Marine National Park to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Sirikit in 1992.

We knew that it is not one of the most diverse forests in the world but certainly offered more than we expected.


Walking journey started from the Perennial Resort

4:00pm – 4:40pm

Up-close admiration of the departing/landing of the airplanes

4:45pm – 5:30pm

Take a relaxing stroll in the tree garden at Sirinath National Park

5:35pm – 5:50pm

Get a bit of sunlight along Nai Yang Beach

5:55pm – 6:40pm

Take a dinner while enjoying sunset at Naiyang Park Restaurant

6:45pm – 7:00pm

Walk back to Perennial Resort

Perennial Resort has the perfect location with just 5 mins walk to the national park and less than 1km from the airport. Being close to the airport, we had to bear with the noise of airplanes taking off and landing at different times of the day but it is quiet when we are inside the villa.

Barring that, the surrounding greenery and the proximity to the sea and airport was just what we wanted.

We reached the Sirinath National Park at around 4pm because that is the time after which the entrance is free.

Watching the airplanes departing and landing at the beach less than 50m from the runway was a nice experience. We waited 30 mins to see the arrival of an giant airplane that is so close to us that the time spent waiting is well worth it. The airplane moved a lot faster than we thought and we only managed to take a good picture of it.

The viewpoint is less than a kilometer from the resort. So, we thought it was not a big deal if we did not have the luck to see the big giant this time but luck was with us 🙂

After the viewing, we headed to the south where the beach forest is.

Airplane Takeoff

The purpose of our visit to Sirinath National Park was to experience the serene nature. The park encompasses many white sandy beaches thronged by range of beach trees and Casuarinas.

Wet season prevails in the park from May to September and as our trip was in the dry season in March, we got to enjoy the best of the area. Scrolling inside the beach forest is so relaxing especially when the sea breeze hit on us.

Sirinath National Park

The end of the beach forest marks the beginning of wilderness of Nai Yang Beach. Though the sand and water are not as nice as other popular beaches like Nai Harn and Kamala, this beach is more peaceful. So lying on the bench, listening to the sound of the sea wave and do nothing but relaxing was all we did for 20 mins here.

Food and accommodation are always our top concern. None of my friends and me can compromise in the quality of food and standard of accommodation. Nai Yang Park Restaurant met our demands to the full. Though the food caters to the foreigner taste (less spicy), it is savory nonetheless. The service was appreciable and most staff can speak English.

The best time to dine in this place is around 6pm because you can watch the sunset while having your dinner.

We will gladly recommend Sirinath National Park Excursion and the related activities to anyone who wants to be really pleased with his holiday vacation.

We experienced the Nature up-close and were amazed by the aero planes and everything that could be seen only in Phuket. The flora and fauna, beaches and forests that comprise the national park are definitely worth the visit. And 3 hours is all it takes to experience it to the fullest!

Sirinath National Park Tour
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