Songkran Festival at Patong, the Craziest New Year Celebration

Songkran Festival is celebrated as Thai New Year, which starts in the middle of April. Marked as the end of the dry season, this is the biggest festival celebrated from 13th April to 15th April by every Thai people.

Tourists may be in for a surprise if they are not aware of the rites in this festival. Water is the theme of Songkran and getting wet is inevitable as water splashing is the main element.

Water Fighting Like a Child

No one minds getting wet during the Songkran festival which lasts for as many as 1 week in Chiang Mai and just 2 days in Phuket. Everyone is virtually licensed to splash water at anyone on the streets. People of various age-groups do not hesitate to behave childishly during the period.

The best place to experience water festival is at Bangla Street, which is the center battle ground of the water fighting venue.

Have Fun with Policemen

Songkran festival is perhaps the only occasion when the locals and foreigners get a chance to get friendly with the law enforcement personnel. Even policemen ignore the safe craziness while enforcing order on the island.

Water Splashing Sponsored by Private Company

It costs 10 baht to refill the water gun. To attract crowd, some companies sponsor water to let everyone refill the water for free. Some even organise water splashing events and play loud music so everyone can play with water while dancing on the street.

This is one of the craziest things that you should do in your lifetime so be sure to book your ticket early as this time of the year is Phuket’s most crowded holiday season.

Best Place to Have Fun During the Songkran

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