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50/2 Takuapha Rd,  Talad Nuea, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000

This is one quality restaurant in Phuket and remains one of the topmost choices for those visiting Phuket. The entire setup is simple, unpretentious and yet effective. The restaurant takes its name from the Thai word ‘suay’ meaning ‘beautiful’. The prices are moderate but the portion is relatively small. The menu consists mainly of traditional Thai delicacies. However, there are fusion foods available as well that are prepared by their Chef Tammasak Chootong.

Modern Exterior

The restaurant finds itself in a garden setting. The decorations on the exterior are simple and unpretentious. It sticks to the minimalistic theme and is yet sophisticated. There are small plants set on elegant tubs decking up either side of the entrance.

Homely Interior

The interior of the restaurant is rather homely, both in terms of décor and ambience. Plants and greenery play a vital role in the décor and seating arrangement is simple and comfortable.

Signature Dishes

Interview with Tammasak, Chef and Owner of Suay Restaurant
Q1. What was your ambition before you discovered your passion in cooking at the age of 20?

Tammasak: I am an outgoing person and I used to be very much into skateboarding and many other sports like football and table tennis.

Q2. Are we right to say that your exceptional culinary skill is obtained through hardwork and because you have a flair for cooking?

Tammasak: Yes I would say its came from both hard work and flair/passion for cooking and of course the culinary school in Germany which I have learned all the basics.

Q3. Your extensive cooking experiences while working in a German Michelin-starred restaurant, a cruise ship and some luxury Thai resorts give you the ability to craft your own menu. Would you be working on creating more fusion food menu or perfecting the existing one?

Tammasak: Yes sure I will keep improving my food and my cooking skills.

Q4. Now that you have your own restaurant. Do you have any expansion plan and if so, how do you ensure the consistency of the food quality?

Tammasak: At the moment I do not have any expansion plan but you never know, if some interesting offer comes up I will not say no.

Famous Phuket Location

40.00 km » Hong Islands

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