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Kata Beach Road (4 Pakbang Road), Ban Kata, T. Karon, A. Muang, Phuket 83100

Surfers from all corners of the world visit the Surf House in Phuket. Unlike in other places, the surfers can go over the waves in Phuket on all days irrespective of the weather conditions. There is an adjacent restaurant and bar which caters to the tastes of the visitors. Surf House is located by the administrative offices of Kata/Karon at the Kata Beach. It centers on some machine generating waves at very high pressures. The water sheet thrown by it up though the sloping pool is four inches deep. The beginners are provided safety ropes to hold onto and in case they slip or fall, the high pressured water throws them upwards rather than sinking them.

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50.35 km » Hong Islands

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