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31/1 Moo 5 Naka Yai Island, Nakha Yai Island, Phuket

The tented resort of Tenta Nakara is one of its kinds on the islands of Phuket. The resort discovers nature at its best as it opens up straight into the tranquil waters of the sea. It aims at preserving nature at its most rustic form to hold back the inherent simplicity.

An attention to comfort coupled with a discreet design while keeping the ecosystem unharmed is what makes this resort so special. The best part about the resort is that it is located on the hilly land that is right behind the beach. You can feel the sea breeze while strolling down the garden of the resort. Moonlit, starry night and flickering flame from kerosene lamp are the only source of light you have here.

Lush Greenery Surrounding

The resort is located in a lush green surrounding as it seeks to preserve nature at its best. The walkway that takes you down to the beach is wooden and reasserts the rustic feel.

Relax by the Seaside

You can relax in the shady garden while welcoming the cool sea breeze. The shaded beach chairs allow you to relax as you gaze out to the soothing waters.

Reception and Restaurant

The reception keeps up with the inherent rustic feel of the resort and does away with classic decorations. The wooden and breezy reception offers a lot of space. The restaurant with unpretentious wooden chairs and tables under the large canopy surrounded by greens offers a nature way of dining.

Delicious Thai Cuisine

How can you resist this mouth watering pineapple fried rice while enjoying the sea breeze?

Pineapple Fried Rice….220 baht

The perfectly-grilled chicken satay dipped with the sweet sour sauce is the perfect snack while resting by the seaside.

Satay (6pcs)….180 baht

This Pad Thai is flavorful but it is too sweet and watery for me.

Pad Thai….150 baht

Cooked with charcoal in a claypot, the cucumber soup produces a simple and fresh aroma to tickle your taste buds.

Cucumber Soup….200 baht
Tent House

The tent house is one of the most admirable features of the resort that offers a comfortable bed. The balcony hangs out to take you amid the greenery of the surrounding.

Recommended Activity

Naka Yai is a small island in which some lands have been developed into plantation and housing estate. There is also a small fishing village that you can explore and feel the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Besides doing the usual kayaking and massage by the seaside, we highly recommend you to trek deep into the island that’ll last just a few hours.

One of the best things to do here is to get a traditional Thai massage by the seaside starting at only 400 baht for 50 minutes. Imagine yourselves getting fully relaxed in the midst of nature. This is probably one of the most relaxing things to do in your life!

For those with good fitness level who would like to conquer the Naka Yai island by kayaking around it at record time, a canoe is up for rent for you to beat the previous record holders whose names were carved in the wooden board.

How to get to Tenta Nakara Resort?

The resort is located on the Naka Yai Island. Charter taxis are available from any where of Phuket to Ao Por Pier. From Ao Por Pier, long tail boats are available to the Naka Island. The boat would drop you just before the Tenta Nakara at the beach.

The cost for the long tail boat is 700 baht for a one way trip so it is best to join other guests and share the fare with them, if any. You can call the number at +66-81-398-6515 to find out if anyone is heading to the resort and if yes, you all can board the long tail boat which can accommodate a maximum of 10 persons.

Interview with Paul, the owner of Tenta Nakara Resort
Q1. You are originally from the Bangkok city so what drives you to build a beach resort in this small island?

Paul: I have a similar resort in Jum Island, Krabi for nearly 20 years. As I aged, I wanted something similar but more luxurious and comfortable but in the same natural concept.

The main reason to choose Naka Yai island is because it is easily accessible with plenty of international and domestic flights. The 30 minutes ride from Phuket airport to Ao Por pier and only 15 minutes boat ride to the island made Naka Island the closest island to Phuket!

But still you have that vital 15 minutes boat ride to separates the resort from the world.

Q2. The facilities are limited in your resort. How do you convince your guests that they are getting more instead of less?

Paul: Our direction is crystal clear. To give you NATURE in the most NATURAL way. We do not need to do much. We just concentrate on basic necessity and maximum natural comfort. My guests (who enjoys nature) appreciated it more when I do less.

Q3. What is your occupancy rate during high and low seasons?

Paul: We are mostly full in December, January and Feb. November, March, April are roughly 60 – 80%. The rest of the year are between 20 – 40% but there are both in house guests and boat visitors all year round.

Q4. What is the rate of your repeated customer?

Paul: Very high and gaining. A lot come by word of mouth. We have many visitors (local and overseas) that came more than 6 times already in our 6 year of operation. I would say very close to 10% of our guests have been here before.

Q5. Do you have plan to duplicate the same Tenta concept to another island?

Paul: Yes, not necessary on an island. It can also be in Jungle of mountain area. The approach will still be the same – nature in the most natural way…probably more luxurious and comfort to the max.

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18.93 km » Hong Islands

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