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137 DPT. Phuket 2022

Phuket Thalang Outdoor has a number of activity options such as shooting, archery, ATV, Go Kart and elephant riding. Apart from the shotgun shooting done from the shed, you can try clay shooting in the open too. Four shooting ranges, specifically, 10 metres, 15 metres, 20 metres and 50 metres are available at Thalang Outdoor.

Natural Compound

Thalang Outdoor has natural open compound with appreciable greenery. There are elevated wooden sheds that add to the beauty of the compound. There is an elephant kral in the area too.

Shooting Range

Multisystem shooting training is offered as well as exhibition shooting is facilitated within the premises.

Elephant Riding

This pitiful elephant looks sick. Can you bear to ride on this weak elephant? We are not an advocate of elephant riding simply because it is against their nature. Abuse and torture are common in order to get them trained. If you happen to visit one of the elephant camps in Phuket, try other activities instead and we urge you to say NO to elephant riding!

Go Cart

Go Kart is an interesting, low floor, one-seater basic four wheeler cart that you can enjoy. The compound has a dedicated track with fair degree of difficulty for new riders. Riders can speed and curl as much as they want.


ATVs are not generally available in cities anywhere in the world. You can find quite a number of places in Phuket that offer this activity. In Thalang Outdoor, you have the opportunity of riding one on trails, in wilderness and/or on pitched roads. Full safety gears are provided.

Famous Phuket Location

22.49 km » Hong Islands

Recommended Activity

23.40 km » Siam Niramit
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