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97-457 Virathongyok Road, T.Vichit, Muang Phuket 83000

Situated in the Wirat Hong Yok area where majority of the residents are Yun Nan’s (a province in the southwest of China) descendants, this restaurant is famous among the local community. It is one of the two Chinese restaurants that we recommend in this area. This one is air-conditioned and more cozy. The other is called Yi Yi and looks more like a stall that serves tasty noodles.


The shop houses here are 1 storey and most of them do not have clear signage. This restaurant is the opposite that you will find it quite easily.


The interior exhibits the simple decor in Chinese style. Since there is no sound-absorbing cushion, the noise level can be annoying when the restaurant is full and the customers speak loudly.

Yun Nan Cuisine

The food presentation, the color is just average. But that doesn’t mean the taste is the same. The culinary skill of the chef is good and the food that we had tried exceed our expectation. When you are there, try order their signature dishes and you won’t be disappointed.

The food price is compatible with the local living standard. For a 8-course meal for 10 persons, the cost is about 2500 baht.

Famous Phuket Location

40.65 km » Hong Islands

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